Best Homemade Face Cleanser|| Best face pack for wrinkles

 Here is the reason why I am not using face wash?

All face wash contains Paraben, Sodium laureth sulfate, Formaldehyde, Propylene glycol, Sulfates and Phenoxyethanol. All these clog the pores of the skin. Which causes skin problems like acne and pimples. No fuss is needed to clean our skin. These are just the habits that the companies have imposed on us for their benefit. That's why I stopped using face wash. And my skin is fine without using face wash.

Let's make our own face cleanser. This cleanser will remove all your skin problems. It is very effective in removing problems like skin ageing, acne, skin darkening, skin dryness and wrinkles without any side effects. Its a best face pack for wrinkles and fine lines 

Masoor lentils is the first ingredients of our face cleanser recipe.

Best Face Pack

Take 50g Masoor Lentil 

Benefits of Masoor Lentils:

1.Masoor Lentils is full of Vitamin B and antioxidants which makes the skin soft and glowing.

2.It slows down the appearance of fine lines

3.Also Removes skin spots

Next our ingredient is fenugreek seeds. Take 5 grams fenugreek seed

Best Face Pack for Wrinkles

Fenugreek benefits for skin:

1. Glowing Skin 

2.Facial Toner

3.Exfoliates Skin

4.Reduces blemishes and dark circles

5.Tighten Skin

Now we have to take 10 grams of Flax seeds.

Benefits of flaxseed for skin

1. It contain omega-3 that increase the flexibility of skin cells.

2.It makes skin clear and smooth

3.It slow down skin ageing

Take 1 spoon Liquorice powder

Benefits of Liquorice powder for skin

1. It works as skin whitening 

2. Reduce dryness of skin

3.Effective in removing pigmentation too

Take all these ingredients in a mixer jar. Make a powder.

 Then put this in air tight container and use daily with honey or curd. You can use daily for face wash


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